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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of improving the visibility of a website on organic (“natural” or unpaid) search engine result pages (SERPs), by incorporating search engine friendly elements into a website.


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A successful campaign will have carefully select and relevant keywords; which the on-page optimization will be designed to make prominent for search engine algorithms.

It’s broken down into two basic areas: on-page, and off-page optimization. On-page optimization refers to website elements which comprise a web page, such as HTML code, textual content, and images. Off-page optimization refers, predominantly, to backlinks (links pointing to the site which is being optimized, from other relevant websites).

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There 2 types of SEO: The white hat and the black hat.

White hat utilizes techniques and methods to improve the search engine rankings of a website which don’t run afoul of search engine (mainly Google) guidelines. This one includes high-quality content development, website HTML optimization, and restructuring, link acquisition campaigns supported by high-quality content and manual research and outreach.

Black Hat exploits weaknesses in the search engine algorithms to obtain high rankings for a website. Such techniques and methods are in direct conflict with search engine guidelines. This one includes link spam, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, and hidden links.

digital-marketing-consultantFurthermore, this whole process is often seen as a good way to avoid spending money on advertising; by attaining high rankings in the organic search engine results. Not only is this not the true purpose of search engine optimization, it can, in fact, be a dangerous way to conduct business.

It is common practice for Internet search users to not click through pages and pages of search results, so where a site ranks on a search results page is essential for directing more traffic toward the site. The higher a website naturally ranks in organic results of a search; the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user.

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